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The Gyrotheodolite is an expensive and specialist piece of surveying equipment. It takes considerable time to become experienced and competent in its operation. Most surveyors do not have access to Gyrotheodolites and yet, when they have to use them will spend much time becoming proficient, prior to becoming productive.

Some educators and trainers who have the Gyrotheodolite on their syllabuses may not be able to give their students first hand experience. Those that are lucky enough to have access to a Gyrotheodolite will find that it is very difficult to give all the students in their class sufficient individual access to the instrument.

The video "Gyrotheodolite Measurements", gives the viewer the nearest thing to hands on experience that is possible with a video. The video explains in full detail the processes of operation, observation and computation associated with the determination of the bearing between 2 stations. The gyro used in the video is a Wild GAK1.

The video is in 2 parts.

Part 1
The gyroscopic attachment.
Setting up.
Gyro display.
Types of observations, scale divisions and time.
Determination of the midpoint of swing by the Amplitude Method and by 2 variants of the Transit Method, complete with the full set of computations.
After each demonstration there is an exercise with observations and computations for the viewer.
Exercise results.
The Horizontal Circle Reading equivalent to North.
Complete demonstration of the observing and computing process in a "live" setting.

Part 2
A complete set of observations to find the Horizontal Circle Reading equivalent to North is shown so that the observer may follow through the observational and computational process.
The view of the gyro scale is "real time" so that the viewer will get a realistic impression of the speed of operation and the time it takes to make the observations.
Results are not shown but a fully worked solution is available in the lecturer's notes which accompany the video.
This exercise is designed to be viewed in class but the computations may be completed in the student's own time.

The approximate video running time is 114 minutes

Each video comes with a set of support material including blank and completed field sheets. You may copy the documentation, but not the video, as you require for your own teaching and learning purposes.

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